Idea of Theatre - Media Projects Group Association

   People - they come, they meet, they go...
   We are focusing on that special moment when they gather together to undertake the venture; the project, which not only unites them in terms of space and time. It ties them together spiritually, stripping all the borders, barriers, ideological and religious differences.
   The creative act which allows to establish a new quality, beyond all our limitations and restrains.

   The promotion of culture, addressed to the people who live without participating in cultural events, is one of our priorities and our important mission.
   We gather employers from the theatre, culture centers and others. Moreover, in our organization there are musicians, performing artists, actors and actresses, movie and theatre directors, specialists of psychology and sociology and others; they co-operate with us, take care of our projects, consult and confirm us in our activities.


Kino Polska
Fundacja Wspomagania Wsi
Fundacja Batorego
Stowarzyszenie Edukacyjno-Teatralne "Wybrzeżak" z Gdańska
Europejska Fundacja Kultury (Holandia)
Mama Cash (Holandia)
Goodwill Irish Forum Theatre (Irlandia)
Roots & Routes (Holandia)
POSK (Londyn)
New End Theatre (Londyn)
Scena Polska (Holandia)
Stowarzyszenie Miłośników Twórczości Brunona Jasieńskiego
Stowarzyszenie Nieudaczników (Berlin)