"Space" - art instalation in the street of Warsaw

"Warsaw Legends" - all kinds art for children

"Dziwierz in Artdialog" - for group of risk

"Festival - I am going and nobody stops me" - based on Dostoyevsky's short stories

"Stojka" - based on the life of Bruno Jasieński, performance and workshops for youth

Orson Welles Days in Warsaw

Theatre Przeoczenie leaded by Małgorzata Szyszka

"Two Times Two is Four: Everything Beautiful and Sublime" based on Dostoyevsky's short stories

"Flirt" based on the prose of Miron Białoszewski, which brought her honorable mention at the Tenth Open Air Theatre Festival, and was also performed during the Kutno Theatre Meeting and the Malta OFF Festival. In January 2002,

"Portrait of a Young Actor - I'm Ready for an Encounter with me", for which she received honorable mention at the Talia '99 playwriting competition. All three productions were done with professional actors outside the institutional mainstream.

"Streetwalker Warsaw-Berlin-Londyn" based on the diary of a prostitute living in 1960s London. English version of "Polish Fead", "Stójka" based on the life of Bruno Jasieński, performance and workshops for youth

"Stojka" based on own script. It is story about last part of Bruno Jasiensky's life.

"Futurism life - modern machine" based on futuristic poems and music.

"Hyde Park" in Warsaw

Dziwierz Workshops

   Dziwierz "Wordchants" the notion refres to creative urge through which anyone can express their personality. Dziwierz mens: accepting what makes people different (physically, mentally, economically, or socially), and so such expresses the essence and aim of our workshops. more about Dziwierz


   Festival in Klimontow villag leaded by Paweł Brylski has been leaded meetings Brunonalia in Klimontów since2002. It is small village in Poland. There was born Bruno Jasienski, polish poet in 1901 year. It is one of important artist in Poland. His father Jakub Zysman was very famous doctor. The local community recalls him as (like) person which always helped poor villager, cured other without fee. He built roads, establish bank, firer stance, schools. He cooperate with Jezewsky's Groups, which adoptions children. more about Brunonalia